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Wendan is a linguistic service provider that boosts a wide range of messages, so they can travel around the world and be properly understood by different audiences.



From document translation to video subtitling, Wendan provides a comprehensive set of services to adapt to its clients' needs. In this section, you will find each service with a brief description. If you cannot find what you need, get in touch with us and we will do our best to meet your needs.


The goal of a translation is to establish an equivalence of meaning between the original source text and the new text produced, taking into account context, language grammar, writing rules, idiomatic expressions, and other relevant aspects.


Transcreation, also called creative translation, is used to refer to the work of adapting a translation into a marketing language, taking into account cultural factors, so that the message presented in the target text produces the same reaction in its readers as in the source text.


Subtitle translation is the translation of a video, which is in language “A”, into written subtitles, which are in language “B”. Those can come from dialogues, classes, or any type of video format there is. Afterward, the written subtitles are synchronized with the images, making it possible for a person who does not speak language “A” to understand the content.

Text editing and proofreading

Editing is the review of the terms and grammar of the text and the checking of errors and contradictions. The text must be well organized, no information must be omitted or added, and the final text must be legible. Proofreading involves checking texts for printing, punctuation, grammatical errors, improper page breaks, and omissions or misplaced accents, among other things, to ensure that the text is an accurate reproduction of the original.

Video & audio transcription

Transcription is the creation of a record of the spoken word. To transcribe audio and video, a linguist starts by watching or listening to the recording, then copies the words from the original file into writing and, if necessary, the text can be translated. We transcribe speeches, monographs, reports, meetings, seminars, conferences, interviews, and much more!

woman signing on white printer paper beside woman about to touch the documents
woman signing on white printer paper beside woman about to touch the documents
Linguistic advice

A poorly oriented project not only implies a high cost, but can also damage the image of a company. We offer a personalized service. We study the material, establish a work methodology (maintaining a balance between quality, cost, and efficiency), create specific glossaries, write style guides, and carry out linguistic audits.


We only specialize in the industries listed below, since our priorioty is quality, and quality comes with specialization.


Legal translation consists of translating, from one language into another, legal documents, whether they are public (official documents issued by a public body) or private (drafted to regulate a specific legal business between individuals or companies).

  • Product catalogs

  • Brochures

  • Ads (for Internet, TV, press, radio, signage, etc.)

  • Corporate websites

  • Blogs articles

  • Business presentations

  • Press releases

  • Ad video scripts

  • Communications and emails

  • Packaging and labels

  • Social media posts

  • Newsletters

This has to do with software translation and adaptation services to the language and culture of each country. Typically, a complete localization project comprises the following components: the software itself, the online aids, and the documentation accompanying the software.

Specialized marketing translation is very important within business translations because it enables the successful internationalization of companies. Thanks to it, you can optimize communication between the company and its clients.

  • Apps

  • Online Stores

  • Websites

  • Birth, Death, and Marriage Certificates

  • Passports

  • Criminal Record Check Certificates

  • Other personal documents

  • Transcripts

  • Programs of studies

  • School/University Diplomas

  • Agreements


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